Matra Ukraine 2

MATRA Integrity and anti-corruption Ukraine 2017-2021

The five-year project “Promoting Integrity & Anti-corruption in Ukraine” consists of capacity development of Ukrainian public institutions in order to increase the practice of good governance. 

Main Goal

The project aims to increase the practice of good governance in Ukrainian public institutions, with a focus on integrity, transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption. The project aims to do this by capacity development of different public key institutions in Ukraine: ten Ukrainian ministries, the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (NAUCS) and the National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP).


  •  Build the capacity of NAUCS,  ten Ukrainian pilot ministries, and NACP to become more effective in promoting Integrity and Anti-corruption practices in government institutions;
  • Strengthen the capacity of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (NAUCS) for providing training in the field of Integrity and Anti-corruption; and
  • Establish sustainable relationships between Dutch and Ukrainian institutions involved in promoting Integrity and Anti-Corruption.


NAUCS has increased capacity to promote integrity & anti-corruption (I&AC) in government institutions in Ukraine;

NACP has increased capacity to train staff of government institutions in Ukraine in applying policies for integrity & anti-corruption (I&AC);

NAUCS and NACP have established sustainable relationships with Dutch institutions in the field of integrity

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