IDEAL – Burundi

The IDEAL programme in Burundi builds on the experiences of the LGCP programmes and Restoring the Contract, to support the Burundian Association of Local Officials (ABELO) and its Local Elected Women Network (RFEL). Central to the programme’s approach is equal, equitable and meaningful participation of women and youth in local decision-making processes as well as in local power structures and government policies and services.


  • Support eight pilot towns and their communities in coordination, monitoring and decision-making processes on human security.
  • Support ABELO and its Local Elected Women Network (RFEL) in their member services and lobbying and advocacy activities.



Co-ordination and monitoring at the commune level in terms of human security are more receptive (especially to the needs of women and young people), more effective and more sensitive to conflicts;

Human security decision-making, planning and budgeting processes are more inclusive, participatory and conflict-sensitive; and

ABELO’s efforts contribute to making the political and institutional environments more supportive for communes in Burundi, so that they can address human security issues more effectively.

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