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Modern Management Strategies in Local Government Management Practices in The Netherlands

In 2020, The Hague Academy trained the staff of the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government and related agencies on Modern management strategies in Local Government in the Netherlands.

Main goal

Improve the capacity of the higher-level managers attached to the ministry and provinces on the subject of ‘Modern Practices of Local Governance’.


  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of senior officers on ‘Modern Management Strategies in Local Government: international good practices’; and
  • Help them to improve their understanding of liabilities and responsibilities leading to increased core skills, understanding, efficiency and confidence.


During the programme, ten people were trained on subjects as the principles of vertical and horizontal fiscal decentralisation; the concept of SMART Cities; open data and citizens access to information; the practice of waste management; the different stages of the policy cycle and their relevance to citizen participation; and governance structure and LED policies in The Netherlands.

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