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Policy making and local level advocacy Uganda 2015-2016

Throughout 2016, The Hague Academy organised multiple tailor-made training courses for the staff of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda (ACCU).

Main goal

The training sought to increase their skills and knowledge in policymaking and local level advocacy.


  • Teach ACCU’s staff to analyse a public policy and identify the gaps therein;
  • Increase the participants’ capacity to lobby policymakers by giving recommendations to improve policies and track their implementation;
  • Explain the procedure of amendment of a policy and implementation of a particular policy;
  • Allow the participants to pass on the acquired knowledge to the member organizations so that they can also influence policies, plans and budgets in their own constituencies at the Local Government level; and
  • Enable the participants to work with theories and practices of project cycle management.


Four participants trained on Training of Trainers (design, delivery and evaluation of training courses) in the Netherlands. The aim was to strengthen the facilitation skills of the participants so that they will be better able to transfer knowledge and best practices to their constituents. 

15 participants from whose work focused on the internal structure and processes of ACCU were trained on Project Cycle Management in Uganda.

18 participants whose work relates to ACCU’s advocacy work and strategic communications were trained on Lobby & Advocacy.

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