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Shiraka Local Governance Algeria 2018

Decentralisation is a key priority in Algeria. In recent years, a new “Code Communal et de Wilaya” has sought to empower local government officials at sub-national levels to contribute to social accountability and local economic development. The Hague Academy, working in tandem with a consortium of partners, assisted the Algerian government in this era of local governance reform. As part of this effort to “strengthen capacities”, this two-year programme built on bilateral efforts to improve relations and support a sustainable democratic transition in Algeria. The programme combined practical exercises, group discussions, case studies and study visits.


  •  Introduce principles of local governance and decentralisation.
  •  Exchange knowledge and expertise on citizen participation, social accountability and the interplay between citizens and government institutions.


Twenty-four local government officials representing twenty-two provinces or municipalities in Algeria were trained on Decentralisation and Local Governance.

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