Shiraka Local Governance Algeria 2018

Decentralisation has become a key priority in Algeria. In recent years, a new “Code Communal et de Wilaya” has sought to empower local government officials at both the province and municipality levels in ways that will contribute to social accountability and local economic development.

As part of this effort to “strengthen capacity”, a two-year programme — led by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Algerian Ministry of Interior — builds on the bilateral efforts to improve relations and support sustainable democratic transition in Algeria. The Hague Academy, working in tandem with a consortium of partners, was chosen to assist the Algerian government in this era of local governance reform. The result was a two-part programme that combined practical exercises, group discussions, case studies and study visits.

These efforts are also organised in cooperation with the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG International) and the International Development Center for Innovative Local Governance (CILG). The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds the training programme which is commissioned by RVO.


  1.  Introduce principles of local governance and decentralisation
  2.  exchange knowledge and expertise on citizen participation, social accountability and the interplay between citizens and government institutions


  • 24 local government officials representing 22 provinces or municipalities in Algeria were trained on Decentralisation and Local Governance.


  • VNG International
  • International Development Center for Innovative Local Governance (CILG)