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UNCDF Climate Resilience and Financing

In 2014, 2017 and 2018, The Hague Academy, in partnership with UNCDF, organised a two-week training to help local authorities identify tools to help recognise vulnerabilities to climate change. This course shed light on Dutch practical experiences in the fields of climate change mitigation, adaptation and financing like the Sustainability bonds, the strategic policy analysis, AEB waste to energy company and other projects in Amsterdam. In addition, it discussed assessing vulnerability to Climate change impact, tools for climate resilience and investment for resilience, and the role of the Local government in increasing resilience at the local level through to lessons learned from existing programmes of UNCDF. Moreover, the course focused on financing climate resilience. It introduced the Performance-Based Climate Resilient Grant (PBCRG) as a core UNCDF approach and discussed the municipal role in infrastructure financing and how the private sector could become a key partner in climate change adaptation solutions through various PPP modalities.


  • Introduce the participants to the Dutch practical experiences in the fields of climate change mitigation, adaptation and financing.
  • Discuss tools to finance climate resilience.

Outcomes and Activities

The course equipped participants with key terminology and concepts of climate change and resilience. The participants have explored different Dutch projects in the field. They learned how to set up a PBCRG at the local level and how it works with reference to minimum conditions and performance measures. Finally, they became able to analyze the potential of global, regional, national and private sector financial sources, guarantee funds, national development banks, municipal development funds and impact investors. Some of the activities include: 

Presentations of theories and concepts;

(International) case analyses and best practices;

Skills development in exercises;

2018: Guided tour in Rotterdam: Water Management and climate change;

2017: Study visits to AEB Waste to Energy Company, Amsterdam; GWL Area, Amsterdam Amsterdam Smart City Project, Amsterdam;

2014: Study visits to Amsterdam Smart City Project, GWL Area, Amsterdam, AEB Waste to Energy Company, Amsterdam; Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Hague.



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