The Hague Academy organised in 2016 multiple tailored training courses for the staff of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda (ACCU) to increase their skills and knowledge in policy making and local level advocacy.  

ACCU is operating since January 1999 as a forum through which various anti-corruption actors enhance their capabilities and act as one strong voice and force that can effectively engage government on issues of corruption. The nature of anti-corruption work requires highly competent personnel in policy issues. However the majority of the personnel could benefit from acquiring new knowledge, experience and tools in policy advocacy and lobbying.

This is why The Hague Academy trains the staff of ACCU on the following subjects:  Advocacy (policy and local level advocacy), lobbying (strategies and methodologies and negotiation for improved service delivery), integrity and anti-corruption, project management (planning, monitoring and evaluation) and effective communication.


Participants are developing measurable indicators for monitoring and evaluation for ACCU.

Since January 2016 we have had several exchanges with ACCU; starting with a Training of Trainers in The Netherlands, followed by a training in Project Cycle Management in Kampala in March. The programme will conclude in June with a training in Lobby and Advocacy. Throughout this training programme, participants worked on concrete action plans to transform their daily work to sustain the learned points and apply them in their work practice.

If you are also interested in a tailored training programme for the staff of your organisation you can always contact us for the possibilities. You can also contact the Netherlands Embassy in your country and ask for possibilities regarding Nuffic financing.

ACCU Uganda March 2016

The total training group in Uganda.