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News 01 Sep 2021
From crisis to opportunity: inclusive water management in Zambia
Solwezi is a rapidly growing town in the North-West of Zambia. The nearby opening of several mines brought a large migration influx into the town. ...
Blog 01 Sep 2021
Citizen participation initiatives in Amsterdam
In celebration of the International Day of Democracy on the 15th of September, we focus on the potential of citizen participation and inclusive gov...
News 12 Jul 2021
Gender mainstreaming in district plans Rwanda
The Hague Academy concluded the ‘Transformative Agents of Change programme’ for Rwandan local authorities. Twenty agents of change were...
News 29 Jun 2021
Translating Learning into Local Action
Public officials from our Shiraka Programme ‘Social Affairs & Employment’ presented their plans to reduce school dropouts, create...
News 28 Jun 2021
Alumni event: what have we learned in COVID-times?
Coming from all parts of the world, our alumni share the same goal: trying to make life a bit better for all citizens in their communities. With ou...
Blog 27 Jun 2021
From migration to integration
Despite many barriers, refugees all over the world are making a positive impact on the societies they live in. Looking back on World Refugee Day, w...
Snippet Addis Ababa
News 23 Apr 2021
Supporting local leaders for urban development in Ethiopia
The rapid growth of urban areas in Ethiopia increasingly leads to unplanned, informal settlements where people have no access to infrastructure or ...
Snippet Earth Day
Blog 23 Apr 2021
Earth Day campaign: Restore our Earth
Sustainability. Mitigation. Adaptation. As climate change continues to occur at alarming rates, these concepts have become more prevalent in our so...
Migration and Local Authorities Course
Blog 20 Apr 2021
Local challenges and solutions for migration: an interview with Bastien Revel
Refugees overwhelmingly reside within host communities rather than in refugee camps. The host communities and countries have to cope not only with ...
Snippet Said Indonesia
Stories 19 Apr 2021
The journey to peace in Aceh
To sustain peace in Aceh, Indonesia, Said Achmad Kabiru wants to address inequalities amongst youth by supporting economic recovery and entrepreneu...
Snippet Hague Talks
News 19 Apr 2021
Local action, the bedrock for sustainable peace
Locally-led initiatives from Colombia, Croatia and Kenya illustrate how local governments and civil society can play an essential role in building ...
Snippet Shiraka Water
News 15 Apr 2021
Music connects people, countries and cultures
Our Shiraka-training on water management was completed fully online. At the closing conference, with representatives from RVO and the Dutch Ministr...

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