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Blog 07 Sep 2022

Local Governments Ensuring Sustainable Peace

Although invisible to many, local governments and leaders play a critical role in promoting and facilitating peace. The triennial UCLG Peace Prize ...
Businessman holding Cloud of justice and law icon bubble with data 3d rendering
Blog 06 Sep 2022

Making E-Government Work

E-government is a powerful tool to modernise administration and provide services directly to citizens. What are its benefits and how can we build s...
Blog 06 Sep 2022

Deliberative Democracy in Action

Deliberative democracy is an interesting form of community participation that we present in our citizen participation course. The term refers to fa...
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-11 at 13.58.41
Stories 06 Sep 2022

Stressing the Importance of Local Economic Development in Georgia

Meet alumna Salome Mekvabishvili, Head of the Strategic Development Department at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. S...
Stories 06 Jul 2022

Building Trust Through Accountability in Liberia

Samuel G. Ford is the Assistant Commissioner of Community Services at the Liberian National Police, an institution that has, for the past twenty ye...
Adriana Ombudsman Den Haag copy 3
Blog 06 Jul 2022

Ombudsperson: investigator and mediator at the same time

The institute ‘Ombudsman’ contributes to a vital democracy that cares about its citizens. Adriana Stehouwer is Ombudsman for two municipalities...
Blog 27 Jun 2022

Taking Control Over Own Development: Community Mobilisation in Myanmar

The 2021 military coup has cracked down on Myanmar’s fledgling democracy. Now, actors across the country are promoting self-sufficiency in local ...
OT Migration_2021_ SV_Group listening to guide_Diverse copy
News 21 Jun 2022

Promoting social cohesion in super-diverse areas

In the Schilderswijk, one of the most multicultural neighbourhoods in the Netherlands, an online platform is one of the many initiatives to foster ...
Ukraine and the Netherlands
News 03 May 2022

Dutch Municipalities at the Centre of the Ukraine Refugee Response

With thousands of Ukrainians seeking asylum in the Netherlands, the role of municipalities is key in the Dutch response. To find out what that role...
Itani Dzebu
Stories 26 Apr 2022

Local Economic Growth for All in South Africa

Itani Albert Dzebu is a local economic development manager in Musina Local Municipality, South Africa. Every day, he is working on creating an envi...
Youth Yemen small
News 26 Apr 2022

Youth Supporting Youth in Yemen

Youth are among the most affected by the conflict in Yemen, but it is youth that will rebuild the country. We share the story of the SOS Foundation...
Trees Canal Park Nature Plant City Water Boat
Blog 21 Apr 2022

Investing in Nature-Inclusive Cities for Healthy Communities

Blog written by Oscar Alvarado, programme manager/trainer at The Hague Academy ‘Invest in our Planet’ Earth Day 2022 is all about ensuring a gr...

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