Albanian delegation takes a peek in Dutch Human Resources Management

On 21 May 2012 the one-week study visit ‘Human Resource Management and Training’ started in the Hague, The Netherlands. Open courses at The Hague Academy welcome participants from all over the world. In this case, the situation was different. A tailor-made study visit for Albanian HRM professionals from local governments was organised in close cooperation with Europartners Albania. It promised to be a successful week, not only thanks to the sunny weather, but moreover the variety in field visits was very promising.

In the municipalities of Diemen and Westland participants discussed HRM and training policy with their Dutch colleagues. The internal training possibilities at Westland Academy and the personal approach in reorganisation of the civil administration especially struck the Albanian professionals. Furthermore, the training institute Bestuursacademie showed their way of working, including the cooperation with local governments in Training Needs Assesment. The A&O Fonds (Labour and Training Fund) showed how social partners on the national and local level work together on development and innovation of the municipal labour market.

The participants had plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Many practical questions were fired away on the experts. The visits and presentations gave great insights in the Dutch approach, but slowly during the week cultural differences between Albania and The Netherlands showed. A clear example of this is the open and direct approach between employers and employees in The Netherlands vis-à-vis the hierarchical relation in Albania. Of course Albania will have to follow its own cultural route, but the Dutch approach provided the participants with a wide view on the horizon in terms of possibilities.

The Hague Academy wishes to express their thanks to all participants for their active participation, and hope they can implement their newly acquired ideas successfully!

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