Civil Servants from the MENA Region Working on Long-term Social Affairs and Employment Plans

Last week, The Hague Academy and partner CILG facilitated the second and final part of the Shiraka ‘Social Affairs & Employment’ training in Hammamet, Tunisia. This training was part of the larger Shiraka initiative, launched by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dedicated to contributing to political development in the Arab region.

Participants received their certificates on the last day of the training.

The objective of this training was to improve participants’ skills and understanding of social affairs and employment policies, enabling them to lead and inspire the modernisation process in their home countries.

The main asset of the programme is the so-called Back Home Action Plan, to be developed by each country group. The Back Home Action Plan ensures that participation in our training has a lasting effect. It provides the participants with suitable tools to enable them to tackle the challenges they face when they get back home. As such, the group had already gotten started to work on their Plans during the previous training in July.

Last week’s programme was therefore kicked off with a highly interactive session on best practices and challenges they have faced so far during the implementation of their Back Home Action Plans.

To reinforce the civil servants in their effort to lead modernisation processes in their home countries and to complement the Back Home Action Plans, the participants were also taught communication and leadership skills.

The facilitators will remain at the participants’ disposal to follow-up on the implementation of their Back Home Action Plans via our online network. We are curious to see how the participants will put their plans into action!

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