Conflict Management Indonesia 2015-2016

The Hague Academy gave trainings in 2015 and 2016 in The Hague and Jakarta for senior civil servants of the Coordinating Ministry of Political, Legal and Security Affairs in Indonesia. The trainings focused on conflict management in Indonesia

Over the long term, this training aimed to contribute to improved inter-agency coordination and communication to prevent and manage conflict, in order to help reduce conflict and achieve a democratic, just, save and peaceful Indonesia. Furthermore, the training helped participants in furthering their careers and building a relevant international network in the field of conflict management.


  1. Improving the participants’ conflict analysis skills through lectures and case analysis.
  2. Explaining the role of gender, culture, ethnicity, and religion on conflict through lectures and case analysis.
  3. Enhancing the participants’ coordination and communication skills for conflict management through field visits, lectures and simulations.
  4. Improving the participants’ skills and knowledge on how to maintain citizens’ security after a violent conflict through lectures, case analysis and group discussions.
  5. Letting the participants getting to know each other better and learning from each other’s experiences.


  • Ten days of training were delivered in December 2015 in The Hague (Netherlands).
  • One day of training was delivered in June 2016 in Jakarta (Indonesia).


  • University of Utrecht
  • Centre of Conflict Studies