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Decentralisation, Gender and Peacebuilding 2016

In 2016, The Hague Academy conducted three pieces of training in Burundi, through a combination of mini-lectures, group discussions, self-assessment/analysis, cases studies and action plans.


  • Improve the performance of public administration, the justice at the local level and encourage and enhance interaction/collaboration between these institutions and the main non-state actors. As result, the level of human security will increase.
  • The project focused on the 6 Joint Security Committees (CMS) regrouping (administrations, police, justice, security committees) in the communes of Isare, Mutimbuzi, Mukike, Mabayi, Murwi and Bukinayana.


30 participants were trained on:

3 days training on Decentralisation, Public Leadership and Effective Communication

3 days training on Gender, Conflict and Peacebuilding

3 days training on Gender Analysis and Mainstreaming of security plans

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