Integrity & Anti-Corruption Morocco 2017

In 2017, The Hague Academy gave a five day training for a group of 6 Moroccan civil servants on Integrity and Anti-Corruption. The overall goal of the training was to contribute to making Moroccan government institutions more accessible, transparent and accountable by a focus on combating corruption and promoting integrity in these institutions, through dedicated trainings to high and mid-level policy makers. A number of 6 mid and high level (not-politically appointed) policy advisors, who are considered as key figures in the implementation of the National Strategy in the fight against corruption were trained. After the training they have improved their knowledge and skills to implement this national anti-corruption strategy. This will lead to new policies and instruments in their ministries on the prevention of corruption and the promotion of integrity of civil servants.


  1. Raising awareness on the importance of a national anti-corruption strategy and creating commitment to the implementation.
  2. Providing the necessary knowledge and tools for civil servants to exert their function in conformity with article 155 of the Moroccan constitution: respecting the law, transparent and in compliance with the general interest.
  3. Enabling civil servants to develop & implement integrity and anti-corruption policies and programmes in line with the recent Moroccan strategy, national legislation and international agreements (ratified UN Conventions).
  4. Developing a clear back home action plan for each organisation to promote a culture of integrity and stimulating transparency and accountability in the work environment. With regard to these action plans, there will be follow up with the participants after their return.


  • A five day training was delivered from Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December 2017 in The Hague for a group of 6 Moroccan civil servants from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Public Reform and the National Anti-corruption office.