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Local Economic and Social Development in Ethiopia 2015

The course on Local Economic and Social Development (LESD) included deliberations by experts, practical exercises and debates on LESD, as well as field visits to successful examples of LESD on the ground. The programme also included a Training of Trainers (ToT) session, in which participants designed a 3-day LESD core course to be conducted for local governments and non-governmental stakeholders. The 40 participants included senior and mid-level government officials from Ethiopia and UNCDF staff whose tasks include LESD planning and promotion.

Main goal

Enhance the capacity of central and regional government officials in Ethiopia on LESD. The course also aimed to strengthen the capacity of regional communities in Ethiopia to make optimal use of the existing and potential characteristics of the area to spur socio-economic development.


  • Explain how LESD can help address the socio-economic development challenges faced by the regional states and the role that local governments can play in this process;
  • Discuss how the Ethiopian LESD efforts can be channelled towards an integrated LESD framework;
  • Introduce the participants to the LESD strategy formulation process and its various components;
  • Consider how the LESD strategy formulation and its application in Ethiopia can be improved;
  • Assess LESD financing mechanisms in Ethiopia and identify areas for improvement; and
  • Discuss rural economic development in Ethiopia and the characteristics for each region in terms of the current activities and challenges.


Six-day Course on Local Economic and Social Development for a group of 40 senior and mid-level government officials and UNCDF staff from Ethiopia

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