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Shiraka Ecosystems for Entrepreneurs

From 2019, The Hague Academy developed a tailor-made Shiraka training to stregthen the capacities of civil servants and entrepreneurs from Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan in creating an environment that encourages entrepreneurship.

Main goal

The Shiraka training programme ‘Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs’ aims to make officials working for governments in Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia aware of their role in creating an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and supports entrepreneurs. By means of training, we aimed to develop the knowledge and skills to help them promote measures for a favourable business climate within their own organisation. Through designing and implementing concrete action plans, these change agents are taking the first steps towards a better ecosystem for entrepreneurship in their countries.


  • Make participants aware of their role in creating an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and supports entrepreneurs.

“Jordan needs to become a leading generator of entrepreneurs creating growth and jobs. For this purpose we must to support young, skilful graduates to become successful entrepreneurs, leading to a generation of self-employed problem-solvers and decision-makers.” Training participant Nada Khater, Head of E-Government Strategies, Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in Jordan. 


The Shiraka Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs programme consisted of six phases, ending with the design and implementation of concrete action plans in the target countries to collectively work on a better ecosystem for entrepreneurs. 23 civil servants, entrepreneurs and ecosystem experts from Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia participated in the programme. The participants now have the position and capacity to act as ‘change agents’ within their organisations. The project activities included:

5-day Study Visit in The Netherlands

Coaching on Action Plans development

5-day training in target countries

Implementation Action Plan

Closing event

Project Gallery



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