Local Economic Development Armenia 2018

A group of administrators and government advisers were part of The Hague Academy’s tailor-made training on Local Economic Development.

The training included examples of the governance structure and LED policies in the Netherlands. During the study visit to Zoetermeer, the delegation visited the Cityhall-Forum, Open Council Meeting chamber and Ter Zake, the house for entrepreneurs.

The Armenian delegation was very impressed by the openness of the municipality including that city residents can freely enter the city offices to speak and interact with municipal workers. More amazement followed when the delegation learned that city debates were also accessible online and in real-time. “This is a lot of openness!”, according to one of the Armenian administrators.

The delegation also received a presentation at the House of Entrepreneurs and the Employers Service Point. They asked thousands of questions to manager Lison de Beer, varying from “how do you stimulate small business start-ups?” to “how do you help unemployed people to find a job?”.


  1. Discuss basic principles in the field of local economic development;
  2. Present the governance structure and LED policies in The Netherlands;
  3. Analyze the coordination and cooperation of public and private actors in LED in the Netherlands;
  4. Introduce planning local economic development activities in rural areas


  • 12 participants from local governments and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development were trained on Local Economic Development.


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