Local Economic Development Armenia

This study visit was part of the Good Local Governance Programme South Caucasus, implemented by GiZ and aimed at supporting improved good local governance in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, including through the establishment of viable LED institutional frameworks in the targeted countries. As part of this programme, a group of Armenian administrators and government advisers travel to the Netherlands to participate in the training on Local Economic Development (LED). The training focused on examples of the governance structure and LED policies in the Netherlands.

Main goal

The purpose of the study visit was to enable participants to learn about best LED practices in advanced jurisdiction in The Netherlands, as well as applied legal, fiscal and institutional arrangements. The programme also aimed to facilitate an exchange of information and experiences from representatives from policy-making and implementing institutions, private entrepreneurs and other relevant officials. Finally, the programme supported the participants in applying the gained knowledge to the Armenian context.


  • Discuss basic principles in the field of local economic development;
  • Present the governance structure and LED policies in The Netherlands;
  • Analyse the coordination and cooperation of public and private actors in LED in the Netherlands; and
  • Introduce planning local economic development activities in rural areas

“We were impressed by the openness of Dutch municipalities! For instance, during a study visit to the municipality of Zoetermeer, we learned that city residents can freely enter the municipality offices and that debates are also accessible online and in real-time.” Training participant.


Twelve participants from local governments and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development were trained on Local Economic Development.

Study visits were organised to showcase various Dutch good practices in the field of LED.

A training evaluation was conducted.

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