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MATRA South Social Affairs and Employment (2012 – 2015)

The Hague Academy in cooperation with ROI (Dutch Institute for Public Administration) and CNV International developed a training programme on social affairs and employment, which was yearly organised and took place partly in the Netherlands, Tunisia and Jordan. What policies help to promote job creation? How is the social security system organised in The Netherlands? And what can be learned from experiences in the Middle East and North Africa? These and many more questions were discussed by senior civil servants from Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan in The Hague and Tunis from 2012 to 2015. The programme was part of a larger Matra-South programme, developed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs. 


After completion of the programme, the participants had:

  • Increased theoretical knowledge on and understanding of social affairs and employment policies, both at an international and at a national level (The Netherlands and the target countries);
  • Enhanced the following practical skills; Analytical skills, working in teams, (International) negotiation, change management, presentation skills;
  • Increased knowledge of and insight in Dutch practice and best practices in the MENA region; and
  • Established sustainable relationships with colleagues from the target countries and The Netherlands.


Four two-part training programmes on Social Affairs and Employment were organised for civil servants from the MENA region.

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