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Peace under Construction

The Peace Under Construction (PUC) Programme is designed to tackle some of the root causes that inhibit human security and sustainable development in South-Sudan and Burundi, which are identified as violent conflicts, exacerbated by weak governance and a lack of tangible peace dividends. The Peace under Construction Programme addresses these problems in an integrated manner, simultaneously strengthening local capacities for peace, improving government capacity and legitimacy and creating peace dividends for women and youth to eliminate the breeding ground for renewed violent conflict.


  • Re-enforce existing formal civil society organisations as well as community-based peace groups, to effectively prevent and resolve violent conflict and human rights violations;
  • Increase the capacity of the government to implement its own laws and policies designed to protect citizens against violence and human rights violations, leading to increased government legitimacy. It specifically increases the capacity of the government to promote rule of law and protect human security, with a focus on security issues threatening women rights; and
  • Increase economic opportunities for women and youth to build secure and self-reliant livelihoods in order to create peace-dividend. The activities will empower women and youth in a positive and peaceful way, therefore also indirectly enhancing human security.


Training conducted for state and non-state security actors on human rights and rule of law, conflict prevention, conflict resolution, mediation, gender responsive governance, leadership, citizenship, inclusive governance and social cohesion

Training conducted for government officials and county authorities on key laws, policies and provisions in the constitution that protect citizens from violent conflict and rights violations

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