Training courses on Peacebuilding, Decentralization and Local Government in South Sudan

In 2010 and 2011, The Hague Academy gave two trainings on Peacebuilding, Decentralization and Local Government in South Sudan. The general objective of the training courses was to strengthen decentralized government in South Sudan through training of staff of the Local Government Board (LGB) and other civil servants at various levels of government that work on the nexus of peacebuilding, decentralization and local governance. The 2010 course focused on increasing insight into the possible impact of decentralization reforms in South Sudan on the stability of the country and provided participants with insights on how to design and implement the process. Based on outcomes from the 2010 course and lessons learnt from recent capacity development efforts of the LGB and their development partners, an advanced course on how to better manage this highly challenging process was organized in 2011. This course adopted a two-stream approach: (i) further improving technical competency in decentralization (ii) and building leadership skills.


Teach the participants to be able to:

  1. Judge the impact of local governance and decentralization reforms on realizing sustainable peace and building state legitimacy in South Sudan;
  2. Analyze the state of local governments in South Sudan;
  3. Design and implement initiatives aimed at strengthening local governments and stimulating active participation of citizens;
  4. Understand the role of local governments and communities in restoring service delivery;
  5. Design strategies for a more effective implementation of decentralisation;
  6. Establish a common diagnostic and analytical framework for leadership challenges;
  7. Bring together relevant stakeholders and mobilising them for advancing decentralisation reforms.


  • 10 days of training conducted on peacebuilding, decentralization and local governance.