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Project and Waste Management

In 2019, The Hague Academy developed a tailor-made training for UNDP Turkey. Turkish local authorities in the fields of waste management were trained on project management and waste treatment.

Main Goal:

Strengthen the capacities of local authorities in Turkey in the field of Project and Waste Management, in a context challenged by the increase of population and the lack of public funding.


  • Provide 12 municipality members and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed for more efficient project management and waste treatment.


Twelve participants from three different municipalities in Turkey participated in the training programme. The three-day training consisted of the following: 

Two days focusing on Project Cycle Management, tools for identifying an issue, analysing it and implementing a logical framework, proposal writing but also evaluating projects through monitoring and evaluation methods.

One day tackling Waste Management with an expert on the topic, providing a case study but also organising a study visit in a waste treatment facility in the Netherlands.

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