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Promoting local economic development in Jordan

To strengthen capacities for local economic development in Jordan, The Hague Academy for Local Governance implemented nine training courses for staff of the Ministry of Interior and the Local Development Units in the 12 Governorates of Jordan. Between 2015 and 2017, participants were trained in Decentralisation & Public Administration, Local Economic Development and Urban & Regional Planning.

The Hague Academy developed a three-year training plan for the staff of the Local Development Department (LDD) and Governorate Local Development Units (GLDU) in the areas of public administration (including decentralisation), local development, and regional and urban planning. In addition to training, coaching visits by local experts were organised to keep track of the progress and the action plans of the various governorates. The training programme, which was funded by the European Commission, is related to the strategy of the Jordanian government to create employment and income-generating opportunities.

Main Goal

To contribute to developing the organisational capacities of the Local Development Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Local Development Units in the Governorates in Jordan.


Six training module packages developed (basic and advanced courses) in the area of public administration, local (economic) development, regional and urban planning

60 employees have attended the basic course and best performers (40%-60%) attend the advanced course

Individual training maps and performance evaluation scorecards were developed

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