Sustainable Local Economic Development Algeria 2014

This project targeted senior municipal in Algeria and aimed to provide the beneficiaries with the following: A theoretical framework for local economic development; Participatory approaches that can be applied in developing a vision together with stakeholders; LED-tools; Practical examples of economic development initiatives in The Netherlands. The training was provided in French and also zoomed in on urban and rural development, small and medium enterprises, business district development, tourism and city marketing. Attention was also paid to the inclusion of vulnerable groups and the social aspects of economic growth.

To make sure that participants really benefitted from the programme, they were asked to reflect on what has was learned at the end of each day and apply the lessons learned to their local situation. In group assignments they worked on the design of a strategy and implementation plan for LED. In order to make the training sessions as interactive as possible, two trainers were present throughout the week, so that the group could be split in two groups of 15, thus making the group discussions and workshops more interactive and giving everyone a chance to actively participate. The programme ran in 2014.


  1. Introducing the participants to Local Economic Development;
  2. Teaching the participants to formulate a LED strategy;
  3. Discussing how to implement a LED strategy.


  • 30 participants trained on Sustainable Local Economic Development in Algeria.