Working on Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, while Involving Local Citizens

by Quinty de Nobel Intern at The Hague Academy for Local Governance Engaging in conflict resolution while ensuring citizen participation at the same time is […]

16 November 2017

Citizen Participation: Challenges and Opportunities in Eastern Europe

by Lars Burema Programme Manager, The Hague Academy Citizens are better educated and more vocal than ever before. They demand a voice in decisions […]

14 November 2017

How do Local Authorities Spend their Budgets?

Recent research by the OECD and UCLG in 101 countries shows that the biggest share of regional and local government budgets (22%) goes to […]

10 November 2017

Civil Servants from the MENA Region Working on Long-term Social Affairs and Employment Plans

Last week, The Hague Academy and partner CILG facilitated the second and final part of the Shiraka ‘Social Affairs & Employment’ training in Hammamet, […]

30 October 2017

Talent for Governance: Reflections from a Past Talent

In 2016, Stephen Molatlhegi was selected to Talent for Governance, the Academy’s own scholarship programme. As Project Officer for the poverty eradication programme in Kweneng […]

24 October 2017

Giving Voice to Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Decades of war have made Afghanistan one of the toughest places on Earth for women. According to the country’s Central Statistics Organization, roughly 84 […]

19 October 2017

2018 Scholarship Opportunity for Talented Civil Servants

This might be the opportunity of a lifetime for you! We at The Hague Academy for Local Governance believe that real development starts at […]

18 October 2017

Municipality Makes Citizens Happier

‘Happiness’ guides the local policies in the municipality of Schagen. “Everything we do should contribute to the happiness of citizens, organisations and businesses in […]

06 October 2017

Promoting Inclusive Governance in Darfur

In Sudan, CSOs representing youth and women lack the capacity to organise, advocate effectively on behalf of their constituency and engage meaningfully with the […]

20 September 2017

Learning from Dutch Successes and Failures in Achieving Gender Equality

“How many female Members of Parliament does the Netherlands have?”, “Who is your Minister for Women’s Emancipation and Child Development?” and “Do women in […]

12 September 2017