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Anti-discrimination and Good Governance Croatia 2015

The Hague Academy developed and organised together with PAX a five-day training on ‘Monitoring of policies relating to good governance and anti-discrimination’ which was held in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015. During this training, Local Authorities and Civil Society organisations discussed their role in fighting discrimination. They learned how they can monitor anti-discrimination and good governance effectively and how they can collaborate in this. This one-week training was part of the project ‘Civil Society for Accountable Governance’, implemented by the Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights and funded by the European Union.


  • Strengthen the capacity of local small CSOs for independent monitoring, analysis and reporting on policy implementation related to good governance and anti-discrimination implemented by local governments in Osijek, B. Manastir, N. Gradiska, S. Brod, Pakrac & Lipik;
  • Strengthen cross-sector partnerships by setting local expert groups-platforms of CSOs and local government & public institutions in order to improve implementation of good governance and anti-discrimination on the local level; and
  • Foster structured dialogue between local CSOs, local government & public institutions, national authorities & EU experts, and assist, design and promote new mechanisms for monitoring policies in the field of good governance and anti-discrimination.


Participants gained improved insight into international standards on good governance and anti-discrimination, how these are relevant to their local context and what role they themselves can play to promote them;

Participants acquired a thorough understanding of the importance of monitoring in combating discrimination and promoting good governance, different monitoring methodologies and the importance of indicators in this process;

Participants examined the roles of CSOs and LAs in the monitoring process; and

Participants developed concrete monitoring action plans and agreed on the modalities of cooperation for their implementation.

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