Every Voice Counts – Afghanistan

Every Voice Counts (EVC) is a programme from CARE Nederland and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for which The Hague Academy provides courses and training. Based on the principle that inclusive governance leads to peace and stability, CARE and its partners actively promote effective and inclusive decision-making processes in the world’s most fragile states. EVC was active in Afghanistan, Burundi, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan. The project ran from 2016 to 2020.

The Hague Academy for Local Governance built the capacity of Local Authorities (LAs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on inclusive governance. 

Main Goal

Decades of war have made Afghanistan one of the toughest places on Earth for women. It is under this backdrop that in 2016 The Hague Academy for Local Governance joined forces with Care International to provide training on inclusive governance for civil society organisations (CSOs) and local authorities in Afghanistan.


  • Promoting effective and inclusive decision-making processes, especially for women;
  • Working with three national NGOs, 16 local civil society organisations to have good advocacy efforts for excluded groups; and
  • Working with the local authorities to ensure a safe space for all these groups.



Fifteen days of training were conducted to strengthen the capacity of local authorities and CSOs on issues related to inclusive governance.

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