Building the capacities of in-house trainers in the Municipality of Tirana

The Municipality of Tirana has insufficient qualified internal trainers to develop and deliver effective training for its staff, particularly in the fields of ‘integrity and anti-corruption’ and ‘inclusive and gender sensitive governance’.

To address this problem The Hague Academy – in cooperation with the municipality of Tirana – provided a training of trainers to 21 of its staff members (middle management). These staff members will also receive training on ‘integrity and anti-corruption’ or ‘inclusive and gender sensitive governance’ and develop and deliver their own training sessions on these topics. Following this training programme the trained staff members will serve as internal trainers for the municipality of Tirana. The project runs between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019.


  1. To provide the Municipality of Tirana with improved capacity to ensure delivery of high quality services in an inclusive, gender sensitive and ethical manner.


  • The training participants (at least 40% women) have the knowledge and skills to effectively develop and deliver training workshops for Albanian civil servants;
  • The 2 co-trainers can autonomously implement a ToT programme;
  • The training participants can deliver a basic training on on ‘integrity and anti-corruption’ or ‘inclusive and gender sensitive governance’;
  • The training participants have developed training modules on ‘integrity and anti-corruption’ and ‘inclusive and gender sensitive governance’


Municipality of Tirana