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Training on leadership and integrity in DRC (CISPE)

Throughout 2018, The Hague Academy delivered several trainings in DRC within the framework of the “Consortium for the Integrated Stabilization and Peace of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo” programme (CISPE). All participants of the trainings are involved in the development and implementation of participatory and inclusive local security plans in the programme intervention zones. The training was implemented in Goma (intervention zone North Kivu) and Bunia (intervention zone Ituri).

Main goal

The main goal of the capacity building activities was to strengthen the capacity of CSOs and provincial, territorial and chiefdom level authorities on conflict and gender-sensitive leadership, and integrity and anti-corruption strategies.


  • Improve the level of knowledge on leadership (concepts, styles and theories), conflict and gender sensitivity, integrity and anti-corruption;
  • Identify common obstacles and challenges to their leadership and formulate tailored solutions;
  • Analyse roles, power, principles and politics needed to make positive change as a leader;
  • Apply conflict and sensitive leadership in local security plans;
  • Strengthen the capacities of CSOs and local (group, chieftaincy, territorial) and provincial governments in terms of promoting integrity and fighting corruption; and
  • Develop action plans at the organisational level to promote integrity and the fight against corruption.


Two trainings given on leadership (North Kivu and Ituri);

Two trainings given on integrity and anti-corruption (North Kivu and Ituri);

Action plans developed to promote integrity and the fight against corruption.

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