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UN Women India Gender Responsive Governance

In 2017 and 2018, The Hague Academy delivered training for two groups from UN Women India and various Indian ministries. The programme covered the basic concepts of gender mainstreaming, gender analysis and the relationship between local governments and NGOs.

Main goal

The main goal of this program was to provide senior officials of different organisations working on local governance and gender issues in India, best practices of gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment in The Netherlands. 


Introduce the following topics:

  • The Dutch governance system.
  • Inclusive and gender-sensitive policies at the national and local levels in the Netherlands;
  • Looking from a gender lens in the cycle of gender mainstreaming of policy, project or programmes;
  • Interaction between local governments and local actors (CSO’s/grassroots) in participatory planning; and
  • Developing interventions through the application of intersectionality and gender analysis.


A study visit and training on Gender Responsive Governance in The Hague for 16 senior officials working on gender issues and representing Central and State Governments and UN Women India MCO.

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