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Other 07 Mar 2012

Tailor-made: Good Governance and Rule of Law in Fragile States

Course introduction The Hague Academy participates in several long-term programmes in the field of peacebuilding, security and rule of law. We give...
Other 07 Mar 2012

Tailor-made: EU Accession and Decentralisation

Course introduction This course aims at local, regional and national governments from countries with a perspective on accessing the European Union....
Other 07 Mar 2012

Tailor-made: Female Leadership

Course introduction This course helps female leaders from local authorities develop their leadership skills. Through self-assessment, role-play, di...
News 01 Mar 2012

South Sudan: many challenges for local leaders

In South Sudan, the implementation of the 2009 Local Government Act seems largely stalled, real empowerment of the people over their government rem...
News 01 Mar 2012

The importance of sound fiscal decentralisation and…: “Keep it simple”!

“Keep it simple” is one of Roy Bahl’s rules for fiscal decentralisation that Jamie Boex, public finance expert, kept repeating during the tra...
News 01 Mar 2012

On the frontline of climate change

“As a manager in local development planning, I have acquired new skills on how I can include mitigation and adaptation measures in city developme...
News 01 Mar 2012

New inspiration for better participation and accountability worldwide

From 12-23 September 2011, the participants of our training course “Citizen Participation and Accountability” were together in The Hague. The p...
News 01 Mar 2012

Political and economic empowerment in Burundi, South Sudan and Palestinian Territories

The Hague Academy for Local Governance developed together with SPARK a four-year programme proposal for political and economic empowerment in Burun...
News 01 Mar 2012

“Even experienced decentralisation practitioners are provided with relevant new insights”

Even experienced decentralisation practitioners are provided with relevant new insights “The summercourse decentralisation combines professional ...
News 01 Mar 2012

Intermunicipal cooperation based on practical benefits

What are the benefits of intermunicipal cooperation? How can we increase involvement and commitment of member municipalities? Which services should...
News 01 Mar 2012

I would love… world peace!”

This was what participants to the ‘Peacebuilding & Reconstruction’-course tried to achieve. The course focused on decentralisation as means...
DSC_0076 copy
News 01 Mar 2012

“Dreams come true with simple cooperation”

The five young civil servants who were selected to attend the first talent programme of 2011 on ‘Leadership and Management’, left the Netherlan...

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